Nanobebe Breastmilk Baby Bottle

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The Ideal Bottle for Breast Milk: Baby is instinctively drawn to the bottle's breast-shaped design for a seamless transition between breast and bottle. Nutrient Protection: The Breastmilk Bottle's domed shape promotes faster warming and cooling, reducing bacterial growth & preserving vital nutrients. Anti-Colic Technology: 360°, triple-vented nipple for less fussiness, gas, and discomfort. All-in-One Feeding: Includes a pump adapter for direct breastmilk pumping and storage. Super Convenient: Warms 2x faster, stackable design saves space, wide base prevents tipping, easy to clean & assemble. Non-Toxic: BPA, PVC, LEAD, and PHTHALATE-FREE. Choose Your Color: Teal, Gray, Pink; single or 3 pack.

  • The Only Baby Bottle Designed for Breast Milk: Baby instinctively connects to the bottle's breast shape, which encourages smooth transitions between breast and bottle.
  • Protects Vital Nutrients: The Breastmilk Bottle's domed shape spreads the milk out in a thin layer which warms and cools more quickly than traditional baby bottles. Quick cooling helps reduce bacterial growth, while quick & even warming helps prevent nutrient-damaging temperatures so baby is fed safely and promptly.
  • Advanced Anti-Colic Nipple Vent System: 360°, triple-vented nipple design helps alleviate post-feeding fussiness, gassiness, or discomfort.
  • All-in-One Feeding Experience: A breast pump adapter is conveniently included for direct pumping into your Nanobébé bottle; pump into, store, warm, and feed all with one bottle for perfect breast milk storage.
  • Maximum Convenience: Warms 2x faster than other bottles; stackable (with included storage caps) to save space; avoid tipping thanks to a wide base; easy to clean and assemble.
  • Baby Safe & Non-Toxic: BPA, PVC, LEAD and PHTHALATE FREE.
  • Pick Your Color: Available in Teal, Gray, and Pink; single or 3 pack.

Our award-winning Breastmilk Bottle (5 oz.) is the first and only baby bottle designed to preserve the essential nutrients found in breast milk, making it the best bottle for breastfed babies.

The innovative design quickly cools breast milk during storage to help prevent bacterial growth. When thawing, the Breastmilk Bottle safely and evenly warms 2x faster than other bottles to help protect nutrients and quickly feed your hungry little one, without the need for hot, nutrient-damaging temperatures. Shaped like mom for a natural feel, this bottle-feeding experience is second only to direct breastfeeding. The instinctual connection prevents nipple confusion, easing the transition from breast to bottle.

For all-in-one feeding convenience, moms can pump breast milk directly into the Breastmilk Bottle and then store, warm, and feed - all with the same bottle. The advanced, triple-vented nipple helps prevent air bubbles that can cause discomfort and fussiness after feeding.

Bonus: These bottles are stackable to save space, and have minimal parts for easy cleaning. As baby’s health is of utmost importance, our bottles are free of BPA, PVC, lead, and phthalates.

What's in the box:

  • Breastmilk Bottle (5 oz.)
  • Slow Flow Nipple ( available separately)
  • Travel Cap
  • Storage Cap
  • Pump Adapter for Standard-Neck pumps such as Medela and Ameda ( for wide-neck pumps such as Spectra or Lansinoh, purchase our ).